Lady Gaga confirms ‘artRAVE’ tour plans – and hits out at music critics

Pop star says she 'will never understand the overflow of hate sent my way'

Lady Gaga has hit back at critics of her work, and confirmed that she plans to tour her ‘ArtRAVE’ live show, debuted in New York earlier this month.

Posting on Twitter last night (November 20), Gaga says she “will never understand the overflow of hate sent my way”. It is not clear what caused the ‘ARTPOP’ star to post her comments, but when US publication Billboard reported on the tweets, she also turned her ire in their direction.

Gaga posted two tweets, the second of which read: “Maybe thats what entertainment is now. It’s more fun to point & laugh than appreciate the artist. I’ll keep rehearsing my steps.” When Billboard tweeted a link to their story, she replied directly to the publication and wrote: “In todays industry, u should be supportive of music period. Why target a passionate + dedicated artist?”

Prior to the tweets about her critics, Lady Gaga appeared to confirm that she will embark on a series of artRAVE live shows following the first, in Brooklyn, took place earlier this month. She tweeted: “Oh my darling monsters, you will years from now know how important the artRave really was. I can’t wait to turn it into a tour!”

Earlier this week Gaga teased the prospect of releasing a sequel to her album ‘ARTPOP’. In October last year, Gaga had suggested that she could be tempted to release two versions of ‘ARTPOP’ when she discussed tentative plans to put out a “commercial” volume of the record first which would be swiftly followed by a more “experimental” sequel.

‘ARTPOP’ is Lady Gaga’s third studio album and was released earlier this month (November 6), with the LP subsequently becoming her third release to chart at Number One on the Official UK Albums Chart. Last week, meanwhile, Gaga revealed that she will become the first ever artist to perform in space after confirming plans to sing one song from a Virgin Galactic spaceship in 2015.