Lady Gaga denies Rihanna will feature on her ‘ARTPOP’ album

Rihanna recently tweeted that she has recorded a 'monster' hook for another artist

Lady Gaga has dismissed reports that Rihanna will make a guest appearance on her forthcoming ‘ARTPOP’ album.

Rihanna appeared to fuel the rumour earlier this month when she tweeted that she had recorded a “monster” hook for another artist.

However, asked about Rihanna featuring on ‘ARTPOP’ during an interview with KIIS FM, Gaga replied: “Well no, that’s not true, but I mean, it’s a rumour I guess. I guess it’s a good rumour, I really like Rihanna, but that’s just not true. Rihanna is wonderful, I always like hanging out with her when I see her.”

Yesterday (September 26) Gaga revealed that she is now in “the final days” of making ‘ARTPOP’, which is due for release on November 8.

Lady Gaga unveiled seven new songs from her forthcoming album at her London comeback gig on September 1. The singer opened this year’s iTunes Festival with a typically theatrical performance which featured some kind of costume or wig change for every song and several lengthy explanations about the inspiration for her new material.