Lady Gaga in ‘final days’ of making ‘ARTPOP’

Pop star confirms on Twitter that she has nearly completed her forthcoming studio album

Lady Gaga has revealed the she is in the final days of finishing her new album ‘ARTPOP’.

The new studio album by Gaga is due for release in November and she updated fans on its progress via Twitter yesterday (September 25). Confirming that she was “needling the last thread” of the album, Gaga compared herself to an atelier and saying the album “makes sense.” See the tweets below.

Earlier this week, Gaga collaborator DJ White Shadow said that the singer’s forthcoming album ‘ARTPOP’ is “really fun” and suggested it will provide inspiration for great live shows.

The producer, who worked with Gaga on her 2011 album ‘Born This Way’, described the record as “another step up on the ladder”.

Lady Gaga unveiled seven new songs from her forthcoming album ‘ARTPOP’ at her London comeback gig on September 1. The singer opened this year’s iTunes Festival with a typically theatrical performance which featured some kind of costume or wig change for every song and several lengthy explanations about the inspiration for her new material.