Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause’ remixed by Purity Ring – listen

Remix sets Gaga's vocals to an all-new instrumental backing

Lady Gaga‘s current single ‘Applause’ has been remixed by Canadian electro duo Purity Ring. Listen above.

Released last month (August), ‘Applause’ is the first single taken from Gaga’s forthcoming album ‘ARTPOP’ and has peaked at Number Five on the UK’s Official Singles Chart.

Explaining how he tackled the high-profile remix assignment, Purity Ring’s Corin Riddick told Dazed Digital: “The first thing I did was delete everything but the vocals. With a remix I don’t think any of the original instrumental should be used, so I just listened to vocals on repeat and took it back down to a blank canvas – just acapella, to imagine what could be around it. From there I start kind of building basslines and chords around it, so I think some of the chord progressions and stuff I ended up using were totally different from the original song.”

Lady Gaga unveiled seven more songs from ‘ARTPOP’ during her headline show at London’s Roundhouse on the first night of this year’s iTunes Festival on September 1. The songs she debuted on the night were ‘Aura’, ‘MANiCURE’, ‘ARTPOP’, ‘Jewels & Drugs’, ‘Sex Dreams’, ‘Swine’ and ‘I Wanna Be With You’. ‘ARTPOP’ is set for release on November 11.

Meanwhile, Purity Ring – producer Riddick and singer Megan James – are currently working on their follow-up to last year’s debut album ‘Shrines’, which is now getting a boost from a TV advert for which uses the track ‘Fineshrines’.