Lady Gaga says she’ll perform ‘seven new songs’ at London’s iTunes Festival (September 1)

Singer says show will be a 'more intimate experience'

Lady Gaga has revealed she will play seven new songs from her ‘ARTPOP’ album at the London iTunes Festival on Sunday (September 1).

The singer’s UK comeback show takes place on Sunday evening at London’s Roundhouse and, in an interview with the Sun, she discussed her preparations for the gig. “I came to the UK because I love performing here,” she said. “There are 30 performers over the next month and I get to be the first at the iTunes festival – why would I come back anywhere else?”

She added: “I’m playing seven new songs but I’ve kept some back for later in the year. I am just relieved to be back and playing new music. I spent a fortune on rehearsals because I want things to be right come the big night. The Roundhouse is a famous venue and I want to make it special for the fans.”

Speaking about how the album would translate to the stage, meanwhile, she said: “It is meant to be a more intimate experience with the record – this next album will scale up and down live. It can go huge and strip right back.” Gaga, who also said she had realised she “was not in it for the fame”, claimed people would be surprised by the album’s musicality. “I think what will surprise people the most about this album and Sunday is that I know I am part of an era of artists and celebrities who are obsessed with fame in that way, but I am all about the music and the fantasy of performance.

“I am a student of Bowie and Bolan and Freddie Mercury,” she concluded. “If we could get in a time machine and go back to what they were doing, they would say the exact same thing.”

Earlier today (August 31), Gaga previewed another new song titled ‘Sex Dreams’ from her recent rehearsals – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to listen. The song sees Gaga sing “When I lay in bed I touch myself and I think of you”, while she also published a post on Twitter which seemingly included some of the song’s lyrics when she wrote: LAST NIGHT DAMN, YOU WERE IN MY #SEXDREAMS DOING REALLY NASTY THINGS.”

Earlier this month, Lady Gaga unveiled the video for the first single from ‘ARTPOP’, ‘Applause’, which features shots of the singer’s head on the body of a swan. ‘ARTPOP’ is due for release on November 11 and features production from Zedd, Madeon and DJ White Shadow.