Lady Gaga tells fans it’s ‘not acceptable’ to listen to new album ‘ARTPOP’ on computer speakers

'Please do not make us cry and listen without headphones,' begs singer on Twitter

Lady Gaga has declared that it will be “not acceptable” for people to listen to her forthcoming new album ‘ARTPOP’ on their computer speakers.

Writing on Twitter, the singer hyped up the release of her new LP by writing: “oh, & just a suggestion… use HEADPHONES when listening to the new music, ARTPOP is ELECTRONIC CANDY & DELISH ON THE EARS.”

She then went on to state: “THE SPEAKERS ON YOUR COMPUTER are NOT ACCEPTABLE, unless you like hearing music underwater. I do not”, before adding in a separate message: “The album ARTPOP was produced by the amazing—-> @DJWS @ZEDD @MADEON + @LADYGAGA. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE US CRY AND LISTEN WITHOUT HEADPHONES.”


Earlier today (August 10), meanwhile, it seemed as if Gaga had released a snippet of her forthcoming single ‘Applause’ online, but the YouTube clip she linked to merely features a stuffed toy which makes a series of noises when its stomach is pressed.

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga urged her fans to avoid listening to a new song of hers which had leaked online. The track, titled ‘Aura’, is apparently only an unfinished demo and when asked about it by a user on her Little Monsters website, the singer replied: “Please take these [links] down as much as possible.”

Gaga is set to release ‘Applause’ on August 19 with ‘ARTPOP’, which is her third studio album, to follow on November 11.

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