Lady Gaga reveals she broke her hip on ‘Born This Way’ world tour

Singer reveals she had "a hole in my hip the size of a quarter" following injury

Lady Gaga has spoken about the hip injury which derailed her Born This Way world tour earlier this year.

The singer was 10 months into an extensive world tour in February when injury ruled her out of completing the scheduled dates.

Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily and revealing that for the first time that she broke her hip, Gaga said: “My injury was actually a lot worse than just a labral tear. I had broken my hip. Nobody knew, and I haven’t even told the fans yet. But when we got all the MRIs finished before I went to surgery there were giant craters, a hole in my hip the size of a quarter, and the cartilage was just hanging out the other side of my hip. I had a tear on the inside of my joint and a huge breakage. The surgeon told me that if I had done another show I might have needed a full hip replacement. I would have been out at least a year, maybe longer.”


However, Gaga didn’t use her time off to simply recover, she also found time to focus on her plans for new album ‘ARTPOP’. “I had six months to beef up my brain and my body,” she says. “I got to put a giant white or black sheet of paint over my whole canvas and I got to review ‘ARTPOP’ again. I was given the time to really be creative because it’s a gazing process, it really is. I have to gaze into the work for long periods of time for it to be good.”

Earlier this week Gaga confirmed that the first single from her new album ‘ARTPOP’ will be titled ‘Applause’. The popstar shared the artwork and song title for the single, due for release on August 19, with her fans over the weekend. Gaga revealed that she chose the artwork, which shows a close up of her face smeared in paint, to show a more vulnerable side that she does not often share with the public.

Earlier this month (July 12), Gaga revealed that ‘ARTPOP’ will be released as part of an app on November 11. According to the statement, “the app itself is a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion and technology with a new interactive worldwide community”.