Lady Gaga told by record label to lose weight?

Reports claim Universal bosses 'told her to quit gorging on her favourite foods'

Lady Gaga has been told by her record label to lose weight, according to reports.

The ‘Born This Way’ singer is currently touring the world with her Monster’s Ball show but, according to Radar Online, executives at Universal have asked her to “quit gorging on her favourite foods” after they had to order her new and better fitting costumes for the rest of her tour.

After a radio interview earlier this week in which Gaga revealed that she had gained weight because she had been eating at the Italian restaurant owned by her father Joe Germanotta, a source close to the ‘Bad Romance’ star said: “The tight, skimpy outfits weren’t doing anything for Gaga’s new fuller figure, so Universal ordered more flattering and better fitting costumes for the rest of the tour.

They added: “Gaga has an incredible appetite for Italian food, which stems largely from her roots. It’s very easy on tour to get hooked on a diet of pizza and pasta because they are comfort foods – and when you are away from home you always long for something that reminds you of where you came from.

“She loves to eat, but because of her tiny frame it shows if she doesn’t work out as much as normal,” they continued. “Executives told her to quit gorging on her favourite foods.”

In April of this year, Gaga came under fire from eating disorder groups after a joke she made relating to her diet fell flat. After the singer claimed on Twitter that “real pop stars don’t eat”” she was criticized by both fans and the National Eating Disorder Association.

In February, meanwhile, she revealed that she had suffered with eating disorders in the past and had overcome bulimia to save her singing voice. Talking about her previous body image problems, she said: “I used to throw up all the time in high school, so I’m not that confident. And maybe it’s easier for me to talk about it now because I don’t do it any more. I wanted to be a skinny little ballerina but I was a voluptuous little Italian girl whose dad had meatballs on the table every night.”