PETA: ‘The only threat for Lady Gaga is looking ridiculous’

Animal rights group deny that they are planning to pelt the singer with faeces and paint though

Animal rights activists PETA have hit out at Lady Gaga once again over her decision to continue to wear fur in public, but have denied asking their members to pelt the singer with faeces and paint.

Earlier this week, it was reported that a source close to the group had said that they had heard that members were “going to try and personally attack Gaga — spraying her with paint or even throwing feces at her.”

However a spokesman for the group told NME that no such order had been given. They did though issue another critical statement about the singer’s fashion choices.


The spokesman said: “The only threat for Lady Gaga is looking ridiculous, and all she’s being bombarded with is appeals from her fans to get a heart. This sounds like desperate Gaga PR make-believe.”

Lady Gaga recently completed the tour’s British leg with a pair of dates at Twickenham Stadium on September 8 and 9 and a third show at Manchester Arena on September 11.

The singer will return to the UK for a public appearance at iconic London department store Harrods on October 7.


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