Lady Gaga pays tribute to Princess Diana as ‘Born This Way Ball’ hits the UK

Pop megastar also attends the Paralympic Games afterparty during London visit

Lady Gaga brought her Born This Way Ball to the UK this weekend for its latest leg.

The pop megastar played two sold-out nights at London’s Twickenham Stadium, before heading to Manchester tomorrow (August 11). After coming offstage of the second night, she found time to head to the Paralympic Games afterparty, joining Jay-Z and Rihanna.

The show saw her pay tribute to Amy Winehouse, and debut new song, a piano-led ballad called ‘Princess Die’, to the late Princess Diana. “Since I was a very young girl, the people’s Princess was the most important person in me and my mother’s life,” she said. “I swore if I ever had an audience like this in London, I would take a moment to appreciate her.”

The tour, a sequel to the epic Monster Ball, casts Gaga as an alien queen, and takes place outside a giant set of a gothic castle. Opening with ‘Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)’ she appeared on the stage flanked by a real live horse, before appearing in a costume that obscured her entire face for ‘Government Hooker’, finally revealing herself for ‘Born This Way’ after a ‘birth’ interlude. At one point she performed in front of a giant vagina.

After a slew of hits, which continued the storyline of G.O.A.T. – the ‘Government Owned Alien Territory in Space’, she appeared to morph into a motorbike in a sequence based on the cover of the ‘Born This Way’ album, during ‘Bad Kids’. The motorbike then transformed into a piano, which Gaga played during the next stripped-back segment, during which she played ‘Hair’, ‘Princess Die’ and ‘You And I’, with a fan at her side. Watch her perform the new track below.

Explaining to the audience about the time she played the gay-friendly anthem ‘Born This Way’ to her label, she said that the executives were concerned that she was appealing to too niche a demographic. “I quite like our little stadium niche,” she joked.

Lady Gaga played:

‘Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)’
‘Government Hooker’
‘Born This Way’
‘Black Jesus’
‘Bloody Mary’
‘Bad Romance’
‘Fashion Of His Love’
‘Just Dance’
‘Heavy Metal Lover’
‘Bad Kids’
‘Princess Die’
‘You And I’
‘Electric Chapel’
‘The Edge Of Glory’
‘Marry The Night’