David Guetta: ‘Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ was very disappointing’

DJ says the singer's second album could have been much better if he'd worked on it

David Guetta has said that he believes Lady Gaga‘s ‘Born This Way’ album was “very disappointing” and would have been much better if he’d worked on it.

The ‘Titanium’ DJ has revealed that he met with Gaga in 2009 to discuss the possibility of collaborating on the 2011 record, but the plan ultimately fell through.

The producer added that he really regretted not working with Lady Gaga as he believed he could have made ‘Born This Way’ much better, but he was sure her third album would be a massive improvement.


He told WENN when asked if he regretted not working with the singer: “Yeah, because I think we could have done something amazing on her last record, ‘Born This Way’. And her last record was to me very disappointing. She’s an amazing artist, and she deserves to be always looking ahead, like she did with her first album.”

He continued: “But actually I know for a fact – because I know who she’s working with now – that the next album is going to be absolutely crazy. He’s someone really good, a young kid.”

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga has announced that her third studio album will be titled ‘ARTPOP’. The singer is expected to release the album in early 2013 and tweeted the title of her new LP over the weekend via a new tattooon her upper arm.

Writing about ‘ARTPOP’, the singer said that the title must all be written in capital letters and described it as an “album/project”. She wrote: “Make sure when writing about my new album/project ARTPOP that you CAPITALIZE the title it’s all in the details.”

Gaga is currently in the middle of her ‘Born This Way’ ball world tour, which features 110 dates in all. The tour’s European leg will begin again in Sofia, Bulgaria on August 14, before making its way to the UK for a pair of dates at Twickenham on September 8 and 9 and a third show at the Manchester Arena on September 11.

David Guetta plays the iTunes Festival in a co-headline show with Calvin Harris on September 15.