Lady Gaga’s manager: ‘She’s a 200lb toddler’

Troy Carter also says the 'Born This Way' singer 'hasn't made it yet'

Lady Gaga‘s manager Troy Carter has labeled the singer as a “200 pound toddler” and said that he believes she “hasn’t made it” as a singer yet.

Speaking at the Music Matters Conference, Carter responded to a question about whether Gaga has “made it” yet and bluntly said no, comparing the star to a “200 pound toddler”.

Carter also compared the recent protests against Gaga’s show in Indonesia to Jesus Christ and his crucification. Asked about this, he said: “It’s less about Gaga than it really is what’s happening in the world right now as a whole. This is a microcosm. It’s a generational divide. Jesus Christ got crucified. It happens.”

The manager wouldn’t comment on reports that Gaga’s new album would come out in the autumn, but did say that he is already thinking beyond her current record contract. He said: “We have I think three records left with Universal. There may be a record label system there by the time her deal’s up that looks more attractive.”

Carter had previously said that Gaga will deliver “an insane” third album, but also said that she would be touring ‘Born This Way’ for another year. He said of this: “It’s gonna be an additional year before that tour is over. It’s a long album cycle but it’s part of the storytelling.”

Gaga will tour Europe as part of her Born This Way Ball tour later this year and as well as two previously announced shows in London, will now also play Manchester’s Evening News Arena on September 11 and a one-off date in Ireland at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium four days later. The Darkness will support on all UK and Ireland dates.

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