Lady Gaga: ‘I wear veils because I’m mourning the world’s problems’

'Born This Way' singer is sad because 'something shitty is going on somewhere'

Lady Gaga has claimed that she constantly wears veils because she is mourning the world’s problems.

The ‘Bad Romance’ star – who recently launched her Born This Way Foundation to help young people empower themselves and deal with their problems – took to Twitter to explain why her unusual headgear is linked to the planet’s suffering.

She wrote:

People ask me why I wear veils. I reply, I’m mourning. Mourning what? Well I figure something shitty must be going on somewhere.


Despite her concern with the world’s plight, Gaga had reason to celebrate recently after it was reported that she earns $30 million (£18.9 million) a year through her Twitter account. The singer has supposedly built up such a strong relationship with her followers on the social media site that it is worth one third of the reported $90 million (£56.9 million) that she made in 2011.

However, Gaga faced problems of her own last month (February 24) after her ‘Born This Way’ LP was dubbed the “most pretentious album ever” by NME. She hit back at the unwanted award, responding: “Oh the irony of winning “Most Pretentious Album Ever” from none other than NME. *eyeroll* I might laugh forever + then return to narcissism.”

It seems unlikely that Gaga will react so publicly to negative publicity in the future, though – earlier this week, she revealed that she is planning a media blackout once her interview with Oprah Winfrey is broadcast this week (March 18), as she claims she has nothing else to say to the press.