Lady Gaga gets her ‘ass kicked’ on tour rehearsals

'Born This Way' singer is feeling the strain from pre-tour workout

Lady Gaga is feeling the strain from the gruelling rehearsals for her world tour, which kicks off next month.

The ‘Edge of Glory’ singer has tweeted that she is getting her “ass kicked” from the demanding workouts preparing her for the new tour. The ‘Born This Way Ball’ world tour starts in Seoul, South Korea on April 27 and will run until 2013

She tweeted:

Hot yoga time, post rehearsal. Though my ass is kicked from dancing may I succumb to the heat and focus on conditioning. No pain, no fear.

Gaga recently started the countdown for her world tour by tweeting that she missed “her monsters” – the name she gives to her fans – and that her “new show is easily the most fun I’ve had on stage in ages”.

It was reported that the singer earns $30 million (£18.9 million) through her Twitter account.

The Wall Street Journal claims that the ‘Born This Way’ star has built up such a strong relationship with her followers on the social media site that it is worth one third of the reported $90 million (£56.9 million) that she made last year.

Last month (February 24), Lady Gaga used her Twitter account to respond after her ‘Born This Way’ LP was dubbed the “most pretentious album ever” by NME. She wrote: “Oh the irony of winning “Most Pretentious Album Ever” from none other than NME. *eyeroll* I might laugh forever + then return to narcissism.”