Lady Gaga confirms she will release a new album this year

'Born This Way' star tells fans to expect a new LP in 2012…

Lady Gaga has confirmed that she will release a new album this year.

The singer released her second studio album ‘Born This Way’ last May, but in an interview with The Insider claimed that she wanted to “keep writing music” and planned to put out a new LP in 2012.

Gaga said:

I just want to keep going. I’m not as goal obsessed as I am process obsessed. I just want to keep writing music. I’m looking forward to putting out another album and going on tour.

The star also said that she was putting any plans for a family on the back-burner for the foreseeable future, and insisted that her career was her current priority ahead of any ambitions in her personal life. When asked if she would like to be a mother in the future, she answered: “Someday – long, long day from now. My next baby will be my new record.”

Last month, Lady Gaga revealed that she had already chosen a name for her new album and had started to pen tunes for the LP. She had previously claimed that she was planning a duet with Elton John for the record.

Earlier this week, meanwhile, the singer was accused of partaking in a Satanic ritual, after leaving a bathtub full of blood in a London hotel.