Lady Gaga pays tribute to David Bowie with energetic medley at 2016 Grammy Awards – watch

The singer appeared with her hair dyed orange in homage to the late icon

Lady Gaga paid tribute to the late David Bowie at tonight’s Grammy awards (February 15).

Appearing with her blonde hair dyed orange, the singer was introduced on stage by Ed Sheeran.

“To be a singer-songwriter in England is to stand on the shoulder of giants,” Sheeran said, before the cameras panned to a close-up of Gaga’s face.


As she began to sing ‘Space Oddity’, the Aladdin Sane lightning bolt and a spider crawling out of her eye were projected onto her face.

Lady Gaga – David Bowie Tribute (2016 Grammys) by musictrending

The medley segued into ‘Changes’, after which Gaga’s white cape was ripped off to reveal a white jumpsuit and feather boa.

After ‘Ziggy Stardust’ and ‘Suffragette City’, she ran through brief bursts of ‘Rebel Rebel’, ‘Fashion’ and ‘Fame’. A short piece of ‘Under Pressure’ was merged into ‘Let’s Dance’ before the performance ended with ‘Heroes’.

Gaga was joined by disco guitarist Nile Rodgers for the appearance, who collaborated with Bowie on his album ‘Let’s Dance’.

Bowie passed away on January 10 following an 18 month battle with cancer. He released his latest album ‘Blackstar’ last month (January 8), on his 69th birthday.

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