Lady Gaga posts new song ‘Stuck On Fuckin’ You’ – listen

The previously unreleased song was recorded in one take on her tour bus

Lady Gaga has ‘leaked’ a previously unreleased song via her Twitter page as a Christmas treat for her fans. The song, ‘Stuck On Fuckin’ You’ was recorded during her Born This Way sessions, and was, according to the singer, “recorded live, in one take, on the tour bus. Uncensored.”

The song, which you can listen to by scrolling to the bottom of this page, was written in Minnesota following her Monster Ball show. Running in over five minutes in length, you can hear one guitar, a drum machine, and Lady Gaga freestyling in the last minute of the song, before she cuts it off, laughing, saying “OK just stop it, I could go on forever“.

Lady Gaga wrote about the song on her Twitter, saying:

We were all wasted on the bus making records. It is such a timecapsule of the spirit of our creativity… It’s NOT Living on The Radio my little sweeties!!! xoxox its brand new!

After announcing that she would be releasing a new song on Christmas, a different song of hers leaked on Friday (December 23), of which the singer wrote: “So funny ‘Take You Out’ a song I wrote in 2008 leaked. I wrote it for an artist to sing as the World Cup song! Maybe they’ll use it now! :)” You can listen to that track by clicking here.

Lady Gaga was recently named the highest-earning female artist of 2011, topping the Forbes’ Top Earning Women In Music list. It was revealed that the singer made $90 million (£58 million) this year.