Lady Gaga denounces cocaine as ‘the devil’

Singer tells Howard Stern about her past drug habits

Lady Gaga has denounced cocaine as “the devil” after once again admitted to having had a drug habit in the past.

The ‘Born This Way’ singer was talking in a radio interview with notorious US shock jock Howard Stern when she made the admission.

Gaga told Stern that she now felt she was strong enough not to depend on substances. She told him: “I think that I was lonely and there was something about the drug that made me feel like I had a friend,” according to She then advised fans: “I regret every line [of cocaine] I ever did. Don’t ever touch it. It’s the devil.”

Quizzed about her inspiration now she no longer takes drugs, Gaga responded in trademark fashion: “Whatever my vagina whispers to me, I say ‘yes’… inspiration, it doesn’t come all the time.”

However, when Stern pressed her on her financial worth, pointing out the number of fans who download her music illegally, she said: “I really don’t give a fuck about money at all. I just came from my apartment in Brooklyn that’s smaller than this studio,” adding that she had felt like she had “made it” in the world the day she was able to afford her New York apartment on her own.

The broadcast also saw the singer play early demos of her songs recorded on her phone, as well as stripped-down performances of ‘Hair’ and ‘The Edge Of Glory’.