Lady Gaga performs ‘Marry The Night’ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show – Video

'Born This Way' also discusses her acting plans and reluctance to settle down

Lady Gaga appeared on US talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday (December 9), and performed her new single ‘Marry the Night’.

During the interview, the ‘Bad Romance’ star talked of her desire to begin an acting career. She also spoke of her reluctance to buy a house and settle down, saying she has enjoys travelling around.

Gaga said: “I’m a gypsy. What a waste of money to buy a place when I’m on the road so much.”


Talking of ‘Marry The Night’, she revealed the song’s meaning.

She said:

‘Marry the Night’ is about marrying the darkness, marrying what is difficult about your life…what the video is asking from all of you is to bear your struggles very close to your heart, and have them be a part of you that you’re proud of, not something you’re ashamed of.

Gaga is expected to announce European tour dates soon.

Watch Gaga’s performance below.

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