Lady Gaga: ‘Iron Maiden changed my life’

Pop star joins in with crowd for 'high-fiving and fist-pumping' metal show

Lady Gaga has announced that British metal icons Iron Maiden “changed my life”.

In an audio interview with Rolling Stone the singer recalled her experience watching the heavy metal band at their concert in Florida on April 17 this year, saying: “It was just awesome.”

Gaga headed down into the centre of the crowd to watch Iron Maiden‘s classic ‘The Number Of The Beast’ at the show. She explained: “We were dancing and singing and everyone was just so into it. Jumping and dancing… I mean, it was like absolute no judgment, no prejudice, [just] freedom and love for music. It doesn’t matter who you are; you don’t need to know anything about music to love it. Everybody was hugging me, high-fiving, fistpumps in the air.”


She also said she admires what Iron Maiden have achieved in their career and aims to follow in their path. “The devotion of the fans moving in unison, pumping their fists, watching the show, when I see that, I see the paradigm for my future and the relationship I want to have with my fans,” she said. “Iron Maiden‘s never had a hit song, and they tour stadiums around the world, and their fans live, breathe and die for Maiden, and that is my dream. That is my dream.”