Lady Gaga and Katy Perry ‘banned in China’

Pop stars songs of 'poor taste and vulgar content'

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are among many artists whose songs have fallen foul of China’s Ministry of Culture, producing songs the government deem ‘vulgar content’.

Songs such as Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night’ and the Backstreet Boys ‘I Want it that Way’ were not submitted for approval to the ministry and therefore must be removed from websites by September 15.

While it is unclear how the tracks are chosen, Lady Gaga has six songs on the ‘blacklist’. They include ‘The Edge of Glory’, ‘Hair’, ‘Marry the Night’, ‘Americano’, ‘Judas’ and ‘Bloody Mary’.

As reported by The Guardian, a number of the hits on the list are sung by artists from Taiwan and Hong Kong.


It’s not just songs on the radio that have been drawn unwanted attention, with all concerts also needing to be pre-approved by the Chinese Government. During a recent tour Bob Dylan was said to have to play from a set list picked out by officials.

In 2008, Avril Lavigne found herself the wrong side of Malaysian censors, who deemed her ‘too sexy’.