Lady Gaga: ‘It’s my dream to be in a Woody Allen movie’

'Born This Way' singer desperate to work with director

Lady Gaga has revealed that her dream job would be to act in a Woody Allen film.

In an interview on the US television programme The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the ‘Born This Way’ star revealed that she was keen to launch an acting career and working with Allen would be her ultimate aspiration.

Talking about her theatrical ambitions, Gaga claimed she didn’t want to land roles just because of her fame as she told the chat show host: “I wanna audition. I wanna work for it. When I get offered jobs and I don’t audition for them, I turn them down.

“When I talk about acting, I’m always surprised no-one ever asks me to audition… they’ll just say ‘I want her to do this movie’ and I’m just like ‘Why? You haven’t seen me act before.'”

She then went on to name Allen, the man behind award-winning films such as Annie Hall and Manhattan, as her fantasy director, revealing:

My dream would be to be in a Woody Allen movie.

The singer also revealed that she hates paying her taxes so much that she gets drunk before filing the returns. “Even though it might not seem like a big deal because I’m a pop singer or whatever, it still hurts to write a cheque,” she said. “Everybody was laughing because when I signed my tax returns this year I had to get completely wasted.”

Previously, it was rumoured that Gaga was desperate to portray her “idol” Amy Winehouse in a Hollywood biopic of the late singer’s life.

Earlier this week (December 7), Lady Gaga revealed that she has chosen a name for a new album and has already started working on the LP, despite only releasing her last album ‘Born This Way’ in May this year.

She is reportedly planning a duet with Elton John for the album, and is expected to announce a mammoth world tour to take place in 2012, which will consist of a record-breaking 450 dates over two years.