Lady Gaga opens up about mermaid sex in ‘You And I’ video

Star says the scenes are a metaphor for love

Lady Gaga has described the mermaid sex in her new video for ‘You And I’ as a metaphor for the challenges of love.

The clip for the fourth single from the singer’s ‘Born This Way’ album was released this week, and it features eye-catching scenes of the star playing a mermaid, having sex with her mad scientist lover.

Now, she has opened up about the scenes, saying on the MTV Lady Gaga special that they were intended as a metaphor. She said:

Well that’s actually part of what the metaphor is – you can’t. Sometimes in love, you can’t make it work. No matter what you do, there’s this giant boundary between you and someone else.

She added that it was part of the song’s romantic fantasy:

That’s what it’s about, perceiving in your imagination that there’s something magical inside of you that can make it work.

The ‘You And I’ video also sees the pop superstar dressed as her Italian male alter-ego, Jo Calderone. You can watch the promo below.