Lady Gaga fans give their reactions to ‘Born This Way’ album

Listeners have been getting to grips with the new effort today (May 18)

Lady Gaga‘s new album ‘Born This Way’ has been getting a mixed reaction from fans after being made available to stream this morning (May 18) via five days ahead of its release.

You can read our album review at NME.COM/blogs, where we have also assessed the album track-by-track. Elsewhere at NME.COM/blogs one of our writers provides a dissenting voice on the Lady Gaga phenomenon.

A common point made by NME.COM users commenting on the site was that the choice of singles so far had been weak, with many people pointing to ‘Hair’ as a standout. Logan Leo Faurot reckoned: “Why wasn’t this the lead single? Actually I prefer ‘The Edge Of Glory’ to ‘Judas’ as well. After ‘Alejandro’ you’d think she’d learn about weak singles.”

After hearing the record user Bringers declared: “It’s too self-conscious to be fun, and there are too many half-baked ideas thrown together for it to make sense. It’s like songs now are just random hooks Frankensteined together with glossy production and given titles that the songs themselves don’t live up to. This isn’t art, this is commercialism trying desperately to make music addictive.”

But Mark Cowley, writing on our Facebook page was more impressed with her musicianship despite it not being to his taste. “As much as it’s not my thing, at least she writes her own stuff, and anything that can knock [Adele] off the top of the album charts is good by me,” he wrote

But there was no mincing of words for Esteban Vauxhall, who declared: “Send her and her fans to another planet. What a piece of garbage.”

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