Lady Gaga: ‘I got pinched in hallways and called a slut in high school’

'Judas' singer opens up about her high school trauma

Lady Gaga has opened up about her high school years, admitting she was bullied and felt “worthless.”

Speaking in The Guardian yesterday (May 14), the singer, who releases her second album ‘Born This Way’ a week tomorrow (May 23), said she believed her experiences in high school shaped the person she is today.

She said: “I used to get picked on. I got thrown in a trash can on a street corner by some boys. I got profanity written all over my locker at school and all the others were nice and clean. I got pinched in the hallways and called a slut.”

The singer said though that her experiences at high school shaped her. She said: “Those things in life that haunt you are just part of what you must through in order to become great.”

She also said she believed her message was “self worship.” Asked about her devoted fanbase, she said: “It’s more self worship I think, not of me. I’m teaching people to worship themselves.”

Lady Gaga headlines BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend in Carlisle tonight.

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