Lady Gaga signs up for Tumblr

Singer joins – and almost breaks – micro-blogging service

Lady Gaga signed up for a Tumblr account yesterday (June 27) and almost brought the service to a standstill.

The star’s page on the micro-blogging platform can be found at

Each of her five posts have already been noted thousands of times. However, so far, the service – which currently has 400million page views per day, or roughly 5,000 every second – is holding up to the demands of people wanting to see Gaga‘s ‘Tokyo Unicorn’, but it does sometimes take a long time to load, with an error message displaying.

Lady Gaga has previously broken records on other social networks – she became the first star to have more than a billion hits on YouTube, and remains the most followed person on Twitter (currently in excess of 11million) and the only living person to have more than 30million Likes on Facebook.

However, there is controversy over the name she has chosen for her Tumblr account. According to Zap2it, the name was previously registered by a Lady Gaga fan who had named it after one of her songs. After Gaga‘s management pulled some strings the fan was contacted by Tumblr and asked in no uncertain terms to allow her to use the domain.