Lady Gaga accused of stealing Japan earthquake charity money

Lawsuit claims singer profited from wristband sales

Lady Gaga is being sued after being accused of pocketing the cash from sales of charity wristbands.

The star has been served with a federal class action lawsuit by a Detroit legal network who claim that she profited from the sale of her ‘We Pray For Japan’ wristbands, which were on sale through her official website for $5 with the claim “all proceeds go directly to Japan relief efforts”.

Lady Gaga announced the sale of the wristbands within hours of the devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11 and she even headlined the MTV Video Music Aid Japan concert at the Makuhari Messe Arena near Tokyo on Saturday (June 25).

However, the lawsuit claims that Lady Gaga kept part of the $5 that every customer paid for a wristband and also inflated postage costs so she could pocket more. She then even counted the money she allegedly pocketed in her donation figures, artificially inflating the numbers, in order to make more money, the suit charged.

The suit claims that Gaga‘s deceptive advertising and personal profits from the wristbands violates federal racketeering laws and also a number of consumer protection laws.

Lady Gaga is yet to answer the lawsuit.