Lady Gaga slams controversial immigration law in Arizona

Singer pens new track 'Americano' in protest

Lady Gaga has hit out at a controversial immigration law in Arizona.

The singer branded the law, which gives police in the country power to detain anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant, “unjust” during her tour of Mexico over the weekend.

“I don’t stand by many of those unjust immigration laws in my country,” she told the Associated Press.


The singer also admitted she penned new track ‘Americano’ from her forthcoming album ‘Born This Way’, in protest over the law, which was passed last year.

Last summer she refused to cancel a concert in Arizona in protest.

The law is currently on hold pending a court challenge.

Gaga‘s new track ‘The Edge Of Glory’, is released on iTunes today (May 9).

‘Born This Way’, Lady Gaga‘s second full-length album, is due to be released on May 23.