Lady Gaga faces £3 million lawsuit over Japan earthquake relief wristband

Singer is accused of pocketing part of the proceeds for herself

Lady Gaga is being sued for over £3 million by a law firm for allegedly pocketing funds raised from a bracelet she designed for victims of the Japan earthquake.

The singer’s ‘We Pray For Japan’ wristbands were being sold for $5 (£3.10).

Gaga said all proceeds would go to victims of the March disaster. But apparently extra costs including £2.49 for shipping and 37p for taxes were added to the price, according to Detroit law company 1-800-Law-Firm.

“When you use your celebrity and your power as a musician to take money from people under false pretences, that’s just wrong,” said Alyson Oliver, who filed the suit at a US federal court on Friday (June 24), reports Fox News.

“When we tried to communicate with the defendants in this lawsuit, all we got was: ‘Well, some of the money is being retained, but we don’t really know how much’,” she added. “If the money was going to the right place rather than into the defendant’s pocket, then I hope that our effort helps that.”

The company also said they were suing Gaga to hold her “accountable for giving the money that she was raising for charity to the cause that she was trying to raise it for”.

The $5 million (£3.1 million) suit names Gaga – real name Stefani Germanotta – as a defendant, as well as a number of her affiliated companies, and seeks compensation and statutory damages, including a refund for all of the plaintiffs who bought wristbands.