Lady Gaga: ‘I couldn’t speak for 48 hours after Amy Winehouse’s death’

Singer adds that world needs to be 'kinder to superstars'

Lady Gaga has said that she was unable speak for 48 hours following the death of Amy Winehouse.

Speaking on US chat show The View, the singer admitted that she was speechless after the news of Winehouse‘s death last month (July 23) spread.

She told the hosts of the show: “I’m just so devastated and sad, I couldn’t speak for like 48 hours straight, I was just so sad.”

Gaga added she was angry at the media’s treatment of the story. “You know I just think the most unfortunate thing is how the media spins things,” she said. “It was like ‘what can we learn from Amy‘s passing?’ I don’t feel like Amy needed to learn any lessons. I felt like the world needed to learn how to be kinder to the superstar. Everybody was so hard on her. All I knew about her was she was the nicest, kindest woman.”

Gaga said that there was an inevitability to her death.

It’s a very lonely life but it’s what we loved about her. You can’t have someone singing about heartbreak and the blues and then for them not to be heartbroken.

At the time of Winehouse‘s passing, the singer Tweeted: ‘Amy changed pop music forever, I remember knowing there was hope, and feeling not alone because of her. She lived jazz, she lived the blues.”