Lady Gaga apologises for using the word ‘retarded’

Singer says sorry over comments she made in this week's NME

Lady Gaga has apologised for using the word “retarded” in an interview in the new issue of NME.

In the statement from the singer, released via celebrity blogger Perez Hilton‘s website, she said her use of the word was “furiously unintentional”.

Her statement reads: “I consider it part of my life’s work and music to push the boundaries of love and acceptance. My apologies for not speaking thoughtfully. To anyone that was hurt, please know that it was furiously unintentional.”


It continued: “An honest mistake requires honesty to make. Whether life’s disabilities, left you outcast bullied or teased, rejoice and love yourself today.”

Lady Gaga‘s comments come after she was criticised by mental health charity Mencap over her use of the word.

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