Lady Gaga reveals details of ‘You And I’ video

The 'Mutt' Lange-produced track will be the fourth single from 'Born This Way'

Lady Gaga has revealed the details of her new video for ‘You And I’.

The track, produced by legendary AC/DC collaborator Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange serves as the fourth single from the pop singer’s current album, ‘Born This Way’.

Now the star, who is renowned for her lavish promos, has opened up about the concept for the new clip. She told radio station Channel 94.1: “The premise of the video is that I’ve walked all the way from New York City to Nebraska to get [my boyfriend] back. I’m walking with no luggage, it’s just me and my ankles are kind of bleeding a little bit and there’s grass stuck in my shoes and I’ve got this outfit on – it’s real New York sort of clothing as it’s woolly.”

She continued: “It’s the idea that when you’re away from somebody you love it’s torture. It’s a very powerful and awful and strange feeling when you’re away from the person you love.”

Gaga‘s previous video, for ‘The Edge Of Glory’, featured the final appearance from the late Clarence Clemons, saxophonist with the E Street Band, who had also played on the track.

You can watch her science-fiction themed video for ‘Born This Way’ by clicking below.