Lady Gaga becomes first person to gain 20m followers on Twitter

Singer breaks another social networking record

Lady Gaga has become the first person to reach 20 million followers on Twitter.

The ‘Born This Way’ star has reached the milestone two months after she became the first figure to score 18 million followers on the social networking site in January. She was also the first person to gain 10 million followers on the service in May last year.

The Telegraph reports that Justin Bieber has the second most amount of followers, with 18.1 million, while Katy Perry (15.75 million), Shakira (14.56 million) and Rihanna (14.49 million) round off the top five. All of the singers rank ahead of US President Barack Obama, whose 12.84 million followers are only enough to muster him eighth place.


Last month (February 24), Lady Gaga used her Twitter account to respond after her ‘Born This Way’ LP was dubbed the “most pretentious album ever” by NME. She wrote: “Oh the irony of winning “Most Pretentious Album Ever” from none other than NME. *eyeroll* I might laugh forever + then return to narcissism.”

Following a burst of activity in the wake of ‘Born This Way’ in May 2011, Gaga has had a quieter start to 2012, though she recently revealed that songs for the follow-up are “beginning to flourish.” She has also continued to be unflinchingly honest in interviews, revealing that she overcame bulimia to save her singing voice. “I used to throw up all the time in high school, so I’m not that confident,” she said.

“And maybe it’s easier for me to talk about it now because I don’t do it anymore. I wanted to be a skinny little ballerina but I was a voluptuous little Italian girl whose dad had meatballs on the table every night. I used to come home and say, ‘Dad, why do you always give us this food? I need to be thin. ‘And he’d say, ‘Eat your spaghetti.'”

Gaga, who has sold an estimated 23 million albums worldwide, has come in for criticism over the aggressive online tactics employed by her fans, known as her “little monsters”. As previously reported, Lady Gaga fans have been accused of whipping up orchestrated internet campaigns against the likes of Adele and Madonna.


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