Lady Gaga promises new ‘American Horror Story’ inspired album will have more ‘clarity’ than ‘ARTPOP’

Pop star talked to James Franco about next record

Lady Gaga has promised that her next album will have more “clarity” than 2013’s ‘Artpop’, pointing to her acting role on American Horror Story as a major influence on the music.

Gaga is expected to release a new studio album in 2016 and has been in the studio with producers including RedOne and Mark Ronson in the past twelve months as she works on tracks for the record. A release date is as yet unknown but the pop star opened up to James Franco about what has shaped the album in a new interview published by V magazine.

“I’ve been writing a lot for the past year,” Gaga told Franco. “The show has really affected my voice, I have to say.​ “I’m using my listening from acting in my music more, which is crucial because it’s music. Who knew I could listen even more? It’s amazing to even talk about.


Gaga joined the US drama for its fifth series, taking on the role of The Countess. In the interview she credits the role with giving her an outlet for her “vices” which she would have otherwise put into music.

“Here’s what I will say: when I wasn’t working on the show I was truly miserable because I had no safe house to get out any of my vices. Now I have a safe house for my vices, so when I’m making music I just have a lot more clarity. I have a little less of an instinct to be reckless with my music now because I’m reckless in other places.

“So now I’m thinking more about what it is I want to say and what I want to leave on Earth. It’s less an expression of all my pain.”

“There will be some of my pain on the record for sure, but it will be more than that. My last album was riddled with a ton of pain,” Gaga continued: “That whole record. It’s almost like you couldn’t even get to what it is.

“Now, the show gives me an outlet to put things somewhere, so when I get to the piano I’m in a deeper place already. I have something completely other to explore.”

Tony Bennett recently revealed that he is recording a second jazz album with Lady Gaga.


The pair released ‘Cheek To Cheek’ in September 2014, a cover album of popular jazz standards including ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘Let’s Face the Music and Dance.’ Bennett has said that the next album will consist entirely of Cole Porter songs