Lady Gaga files lawsuit against US cosmetics company

Singer seeks unspecified damages from Excite Worldwide for

Lady Gaga is suing a US cosmetics company for apparently attempting to trademark the singer’s name.

The star has filed a lawsuit against Excite Worldwide LLC stating the company applied without her permission to trademark the names Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga LG for make-up and baubles.

US Patent and Trademark Office records show the applications haven’t been approved, reports and the singer says they’re muddying her efforts to add to her own suite of trademarks surrounding her name.
Her lawsuit also says customers could be duped into thinking she’s affiliated with Excite Worldwide’s products. She’s seeking unspecified damages. Gaga recently revealed that she’s already started working on the follow-up to ‘Born This Way’.

“I’ve been working on that. I’ve been planning the next tour, which keeps me very excited and busy because I have lots of new ideas, and I know exactly how I want it to look,” she said.