Lady Gaga to release ‘Judas’ video over Easter?

Video has provoked anger with religious groups

Lady Gaga is reportedly set to release the video for her new single ‘Judas’ over Easter.

The track, which was rush-released last Friday (April 15), has already caused anger with religious groups who have slammed images of the clip ahead of its release.

Now, this week’s NME cover star has come under further fire. ”She is trying to rip off Christian idolatry to shore up her talentless, mundane and boring performances,” Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League For Religious And Civil Rights, told The Mirror.

The singer is set to appear as Biblical character Mary Magdalene in the video, with actor Norman Reedus taking the role of Judas.

The news comes as Gaga took some potshots of her own in NME, speaking out against critics who say she is manufactured.

Pick up the new issue of NME to read the full Lady Gaga interview, available to buy online and nationwide now (April 19).

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