Lady Gaga fans give their reactions to ‘Judas’ – audio

Debate underway at NME.COM/blogs

Lady Gaga fans have been giving their opinions on the singer’s new single ‘Judas’, which you can hear by scrolling down and clicking at the bottom of the page.

The debate is underway at NME.COM/blogs now.

As with ‘Born This Way’, reaction has been mixed. Some, like NME.COM user Adam Lawler love the track, saying: “This song is brilliant so just fall in love with ‘Judas’ already! ‘Born This Way’ was rubbish, but this is great.”

Ho Yik Ping had the opposite opinion, writing “‘Born This Way’ is much much much more amazing than this ‘Bad Romance’ rip-off. ‘Judas’ is rubbish!”

There’s also a consensus that ‘Judas’ owes much to MIA, with users Hugo Abrams, Jack Woodcock and Vítor Guilherme all commenting that they think the track has been inspired by her.

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