Lady Gaga writes ‘the anthem for my generation for the next decade’

Singer says she has a'really big rock and roll hit' for new album which will fill the gap

Lady Gaga says she has written a “really big rock and roll hit” for her next album.

The track, called ‘You And I’, has been played live by Lady Gaga recently. Watch video footage of it by scrolling down now.

Speaking to about the track, she said: “Well, I wrote the song just to write a beautiful song and I intend to put it on the new album, yes. But it’s not totally indicative of the new album sound; it’s just a really big rock and roll hit.


“I do have these hopes that it could be a great rock crossover record, so I’m going to put my producer’s hat on and get it to a place where I feel like it could reach the masses. It’s a beautiful, beautiful lyric and melody.”

Lady Gaga added that she is currently “on the quest to create the anthem for my generation for the next decade, so that’s what I’ve done”.

She called new album ‘Born This Way’ – the title of which she announced at the MTV VMA Awards this week – is the “absolute greatest work I’ve ever done”.

Watch Lady Gaga playing ‘You And I’ below.