Lady Gaga reveals ‘Born This Way’ single artwork

Singer's teaser campaign is almost over

Lady Gaga continued her teaser campaign for new single ‘Born This Way’ last night (February 8) by releasing its artwork.

The singer’s comeback single has been one of the most elaborately trailed tracks in recent memory, and will finally get its premiere on Friday (February 11).

For her latest trick, Gaga has given fans a glimpse of the single artwork via her Twitter page, a dramatic black and white shot portraying the singer with wild flowing hair, tattoos across her back and an interesting shoulder bone structure (pictured).

The paper trail to ‘Born This Way’ will finally end on Friday, after she brought the release forward from its planned debut on Sunday, when she will perform it at the Grammy Awards ceremony.

Last month she leaked the lyrics to the track via Twitter.

This week chiefs at UK pop website admitted they had been recruited to assist in that leak, along with US sites Perez Hilton, Billboard and Rolling Stone.