Gordon Brown praises Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole and BBC 6 Music

Prime Minister reveals his music favourites in new interview

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has praised Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole in a new interview, as well as saying the BBC 6music radio station should not be axed.

Brown told the Radio Times that he favoured Lady Gaga over Madonna and Cheryl Cole over Simon Cowell. He did, however, say that he had phoned Cowell and asked him to help with the national policy forum, but the mogul was too busy.

Speaking about BBC 6music he said, “[I] think, personally, that the BBC should not have succumbed to pressure to cut certain things – but they have.”

When asked if he supported the campaign to save the station he said, “Yes, because it’s the next stage you worry about. The Conservatives have said that they’ll hive off Radio 1.”

He added: “A lot of things that the BBC does are incredibly creative and quite risky. But this is a necessary means of us being a creative society. I want to safeguard the independence of the BBC, and I think the licence fee is the means by which you do it.”

Brown said he would “definitely” choose to listen to BBC 6music presenter Jarvis Cocker over some Radio 1 and Radio 2 rivals.