Lady Gaga wants her perfume to ‘smell of blood and semen’

Singer has been working hard on perfecting her scent

Lady Gaga is planning to branch out into the perfume industry – but, according to one report from the fashion world, she’s aiming to release a rather unconventional scent.

According to fashion website, an anonymous source close to her selected perfumers has claimed that the singer has asked them to make her scent “smell of blood and semen”.

Last October, it was reported that a perfume company the singer was thought to be working with had filed trademark paperwork for the name ‘Monster’ to use for perfumery. However, the scent, whether it ends up smelling like bodily fluids or not, is not expected to be released until next year.

Before then Gaga will release her new album, ‘Born This Way’, on May 23, with her new single of the same name out on February 13.