Lady Gaga almost quit music because she was ‘being used to make people money’

Singer made the comments during a talk at Yale School of Management

Lady Gaga has spoken about her disillusion with the music industry and how she almost quit music altogether two year ago.

The singer was speaking to students at the Centre for Emotional Intelligence at Yale School of Management.

Gaga said: “I’ve had to make decisions like, ‘Why am I unhappy? Why is it that you want to quit music – two years ago?’ I don’t like having to sell perfumes. Wasting my time spending days just shaking people’s hands and smiling, taking selfies – it feels shallow to my existence. I have a lot more to offer than my image. I don’t like being used to make people money. I feel sad when I’m overworked and I become a moneymaking machine and my passion and creativity takes a backseat.”


Instead Gaga says that she took more control of her life and career: “What did I do? I started to say no. I’m not taking that picture, I’m not going to that event. I’m not standing by that because that is not what I stand for.”

The singer said that the change had a huge impact, allowing her to be more comfortable with herself. She added: “Slowly but surely I remembered who I am. Then you go home, look in the mirror and go ‘Yes, I can go to bed with you every night’. Because I know that person. That person has balls, that person has integrity, that person has an opinion and just doesn’t say ‘yes’.”

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Posted by Lady Gaga Georgia on Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lady Gaga recently revealed that she will record a second jazz album with veteran singer Tony Bennett.


The pair released ‘Cheek To Cheek’ in September 2014, a cover album of popular jazz standards including ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘Let’s Face The Music And Dance.’ It subsequently topped the US Billboard chart.

Lady Gaga is also reportedly working on her fifth album, the follow-up to 2013’s ‘Artpop.’