Lady Gaga to release ‘more poetic’ album after February single

Singer 'fine-tuning' new effort 'Born This Way'

Lady Gaga has revealed more details about her new album ‘Born This Way’, calling it “more poetic” than her previous material.

Having recently revealed that a lead single from ‘Born This Way’ will be released in February, the singer also confirmed to BBC Newsbeat that the album, which she is currently “fine-tuning”, will follow “shortly after”.

Speaking of the sound of ‘Born This Way’, Gaga explained: “It’s in a very strange way the marriage of electronic music with these sort of major, epic, I dare to say even metal, or rock’n’roll, or pop anthemic style melodies, with really sledge-hammering dance beats.”

She added: “It’s definitely the most innovative of all the music I’ve done so far.”

Earlier this week Lady Gaga revealed her dismay at being forced to cancel a gig in Paris due to heavy snow.