Lady GaGa booed at V Festival Stafford

Singer tries to make up for being late by saying how much she loves England

Lady Gaga was booed before and after her V Festival Stafford performance tonight (August 22) after arriving late onstage.

The notoriously over-the-top singer caused mass boos after she kept the packed Arena tent waiting 15 minutes past her allotted stage time, with several fans shining their laser pens on the stage backdrop in protest.

When the singer still didn’t come onstage, a large collection of fans started slow hand-clapping her.


Eventually, after a further five minutes, the lights dimmed, the backdrop fell to the ground and Lady Gaga appeared in the middle of the stage bathed in smoke, causing the crowd’s boos to change into cheers. Launching into recent hit ‘Paparazzi’, the singer made no apologies for coming onstage late. “England!” she screamed during the track, resulting in mass cheers.

With the set seemingly back to normal, the singer instructed the audience to “Dance, you motherfuckers!” ahead of singing an a capella and improvised song about how much she loved England.

“My name is Lady Gaga, I’ve been so excited to play V,” she said before telling the crowd that it didn’t matter how much money they had in their pockets and launching into ‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich’.

She then left the stage as her band played an instrumental interlude. After a short while, two dancers wheeled the flamboyant singer back on, although this time she was wearing a huge wedding hat and oversized sparkly gown.

For the next track, ‘Boys Boys Boys’, GaGa stood motionless at the front of the stage before stripping down from her stage clothes to just a pair of red knickers and bra, resulting in large cheers from most of the crowd. After playing a singalong version of ‘Just Dance’, the singer left the stage once again.

When she returned, she was covered head to toe in diamonds. As she sat at a silver piano, she took the opportunity to pay tribute to the audience.


“I live for nothing more than my fans, you guys are the fucking coolest fans on the planet,” she said.

Lady Gaga then played a piano-led version of ‘Poker Face’, again managing to big up England during the track. “I always have pies, chips and mushy peas when I’m here…” she sang at one point during it.

The singer’s dancers were due to come onstage and join her to finish the song, but were stopped from doing so by stage staff, leaving the singer continued to play the track solo, until “the plug was pulled” completely, a spokesperson for Lady Gaga told NME.COM.

“I’m so sorry, but I have to go. I’m so sorry, but I love you so much,” Lady Gaga said before taking a bow and leaving the stage for the final time. As she did, fans again booed this time expressing their disappointment.

Lady Gaga played:

‘The Fame’
‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich’
‘I Love England’
‘Boys Boys Boys’
‘Just Dance’
‘Poker Face’

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