Lady Gaga: ‘I used to lick the booklet of Green Day’s ‘Dookie”

New Yorker admits bizarre obsession with 'iconic' pop punk album

Lady Gaga has admitted that she became so obsessed with Green Day‘s 1994 album ‘Dookie’ that she used to lick the album’s sleeve.

The singer, who was speaking at a press conference to launch her new Heartbeats headphones product at London‘s Oxford Street HMV store today (September 8), revealed her love for the Californians‘ album while outlining her fears for the CD and record industry.

“You know, you can download an MP3 but you cannot download a lifestyle,” Gaga said. “And the culture of music – the visual behind the music and the dream of my show and what I believe in about performance and pop music – that’s what compels young people to buy the hard album, and eat it, and smell it, and taste it.


“I remember when I bought Green Day‘s ‘Dookie’, I just wanted to lick the pages from the booklet! That particular album, I mean, it is iconic.”

Gaga also declared herself the “hardest-working woman in pop”, before stating that thanks to her forthcoming US tour with Kanye West she can’t see a time in the future when she won’t be playing gigs in arenas.

“In truth, this is the most exciting creative moment of my life so far. Kanye is a truly genius individual,” she said about hooking up with the rapper. “The good news is that now I’m playing with Kanye, I’m staying in arenas – next year I begin a world tour.”

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Dr Dre‘s Beats Electronics company to make the Heartbeats headphones, along with Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M Records, and electronics company Monster.

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