Lady Gaga writes open letter urging for legislation over sexual assault on US campuses

The pop star has written the essay with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Lady Gaga has joined forces with New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, to urge for new legislation to combat sexual assaults on New York college campuses.

The pop star and politician have written an open letter pledging support for new policies relating to sexual assault. Cuomo introduced legislation on the matter in February, to protect students on all campuses in the state of New York. He also launched the Enough Is Enough campaign.

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In the letter, which was published on Billboard, write: “Every fall, young men and women head off to colleges across the country, dreaming of bright futures and the experience of a lifetime. They’ve worked hard for the chance to become a part of their new campuses, and they set out full of hope and excitement.

“Unfortunately, for thousands of these students that dream turns into a nightmare because of the unacceptable epidemic of sexual violence that is currently plaguing colleges and universities. It is a shocking reality that many in academia, government, and society in general still refuse to acknowledge.”

Now, the pair are calling for changes in the law in New York so that all private campuses have to adhere to policies protecting their students from sexual assault, as public colleges did in 2014. The letter finishes: “We have a responsibility to the young men and women of this country to stand up against sexual violence everywhere. Everyone – from lawmakers and educators to advocates like Born This Way Foundation and the students themselves – need to join forces on this issue. Together, we must create the scaffolding necessary to foster the mental, emotional, and physical health of all young people.

“By passing legislation such as the bill currently before the New York State legislature, we can turn the tide on this issue so that students can realize their dreams on campuses that are safe spaces. That’s why we are joining together to take a stand against sexual assault on college campuses. Quite simply, enough is enough.”

Lady Gaga launched the ‘Emotional Youth’ revolution scheme earlier this year. It is a partnership between the star’s own Born This Way foundation and Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence. The singer says that she aims to create a “braver world where all voices are heard and all feelings are respected”.