US news anchor apologises for ‘accidental’ racial slur about Lady Gaga’s music

Comment followed Gaga's Academy Awards performance

A US news anchor has apologised after using an archaic racist term in describing Lady Gaga‘s music.

The comment was made after Gaga performed a medley of songs from The Sound Of Music at The Oscars on Sunday night (February 22).

Enthusing about the performance on camera, Cleveland, Ohio’s WJW Channel 8 morning news anchor Kristi Capel said, “It’s hard to really hear [Gaga’s] voice with all the jigaboo music that she does, or whatever you want to call it. She has a gorgeous voice — I never knew!”

Capel has since taken to Twitter to distance herself from the comments, saying that she knew neither the meaning of the word or the fact that it’s a racial slur. “‘I do apologize if I offended you,” she wrote on Twitter. “I didn’t know the meaning behind it or that it was even a word. Thank you for watching.” Capel’s employer says she will keep her job.

Gaga’s performance coincided with the 50th anniversary of The Sound Of Music and included ‘The Sound Of Music’, ‘My Favourite Things’, ‘Edelweiss’ and ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’. Backed by a choir and a string section, the performance was watched by Julie Andrews, who starred in the original film as Maria Von Trapp, and introduced by Scarlett Johansson.

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