Lady Gaga says men ‘took advantage’ of her early in her career

Gaga says she "had really awful experiences with men in the studio"

Lady Gaga has opened up about her experiences of misogyny and sexism in the music industry.

Speaking to The Times, Gaga said she “had really awful experiences with men in the studio” during the early stages of her career.

“[It] made me very uncomfortable,” she says. “I didn’t feel like I was being cherished for my vocal talents but was seen more as someone to take advantage of.”

The pop star – who released her third album ‘Artpop’ last year continued: “I don’t have to elaborate, but when women who are in the business that are young read this article I hope [they realise] that you do not have to put up with that.”

Gaga had previously touched upon the subject of sexual abuse during her song ‘Swine’, which she has described as alluding to “the more troubling and challenging sexual experiences I had earlier in my life”.

Lady Gaga recently discussed her decision to play a show in Israel despite pressure from pro-Palestinian activists. “Tel Aviv was magnificent. The world view of Israel is just not reality,” she said on the matter.