Lady Gaga gets monster-themed tribute tattoo to fans

Gaga's fans are dubbed 'Little Monsters'

Lady Gaga has unveiled a tattoo in tribute to her fans, who are dubbed ‘Little Monsters’.

The tattoo depicts a monster claw covered in scales holding a string necklace with a design reminiscent of rosary beads.

Posting to Instagram, the singer showed a picture of the tattoo with the caption “#Monster4Life”

She also posted a picture of the inking process, with the caption “#HausWork @nspired1 having a real night with the kids, we sure know how to party. #jazzpunk”

Lady Gaga recently released a collaborative album with 88-year-old singer Tony Bennett, covering a variety of jazz standards.

‘Cheek To Cheek’ debuted at Number One on the US Billboard Chart this week and reached Number 10 on the UK album chart.