Lady Gaga episode of The Simpsons voted worst ever by fans

New graph shows fan ratings for every single episode of animated TV show

An episode of The Simpsons starring Lady Gaga has been revealed as the least popular episode ever among fans.

A graph (via Noisey) pinpointing IMDB scores of every single episode of the animated TV show shows that the 2012 episode ‘Lisa Goes Gaga’ has the lowest average score.

The season 23 episode of the show has an average rating of just 4.9 out of a possible 10. At the opposite end of the scale, S7 episode ‘Homer The Smithers’ is at the top with a rating of 9.1.


‘Lisa Goes Gaga’ first aired in May 2012. In the episode, Gaga comes to Springfield on a train, complete with 18 separate outfits, to cheer up a depressed Lisa. Speaking of her cameo prior to its screening, the pop singer said: “This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. My dad’s probably going to do 80 backflips when the episode comes out.”

Lady Gaga is a long list of musicians who have made a guest appearance in the series including Tom Waits, Smashing Pumpkins, The White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Judas Priest, Sonic Youth and The Decemberists.

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Meanwhile, Gaga recently defended her SXSW 2014 performance, where she was vomited on by a performance artist, saying it was “art in its purest form.”